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Q.      How Many SMS can be send at once ?

A.      You can send up to 15000 SMS at single click

Q.      What is the length of one SMS?

A.     An SMS generally contains 160 characters but SmsZone SMS can send messages up to 480 characters long (using concatenation). If you type beyond 160 characters the message will be automatically spilt into multiple messages and sent to the recipient(s) in sequence. (Standard charges apply for each message sent).

 Q.      What is the Validity of this SMS Pack?

A.      You are provided with unlimited validity.  ( W.e.f   Aug 209)

Q.      Is there any Refund Of DND SMS?

A.      No, in DND case SMS is sent to SMSC but it is scrubbed by the operator

Q.      Are there any extra charges for Excel Plug-in?

A.      Excel Plug-in is free of Cost with every Package

Q.      Installation of Excel Plug in on multiple PCs?

A.      Yes, you can install Excel Plug in on any number of PCs

Q.      Payment for SMS?

A.      All the payment is in advance.

Q.      Can we use Excel Plug in on all operating systems?

A.      It can currently be used on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Q.      How much does each SMS cost?

A.      Depending on volume the cost can be as low as 2p per SMS.

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